Care Tips

Taking care of Bhumi products is quite easy but as they are made without any toxic chemicals or synthetic materials they will need to be cared for with some extra attention. Since every product is made from the finest certified organic cotton, Bhumi product fabrics are naturally soft, durable and resilient and become softer with more washes. Taking care of your products from the beginning will protect your investment and the Earth as well as make cleaning a beautiful mindful ritual for your home and sustainable lifestyle.


Just remember these simple recommendations and you will enjoy the products for many years to come. If you have any questions or concerns about caring for your Bhumi product, please contact us at

  1. All of our products are machine washable; we recommend gentle cycles with cold water. High heat can aggravate the fibres and break them down much faster—while switching to cold water can help to maintain the integrity of the textiles and retain the softness
  2. You will find the more you wash with the right love and care, the softer it gets
  3. Most of our products come with a Bhumi bag good to wash or store your items in
  4. We recommend washing colours separately. As we do not use toxic chemical fasteners to lock in the colour, you may see some colour run off in the wash but the product will not lose its colour
  5. We recommend to line dry and not in direct sunlight as this can cause the colour to fade
  6. We recommend washing with a natural, biodegradable laundry soap that does not harm the environment or wildlife or the beautiful organic fibres so avoid anything harsh and high in chemical content; some eucalyptus blends from Ecostore do react with our natural products and alter the colour in patches
  7. We do not recommend using whiteners as bleaching agents or artificial softeners - organic cotton is incredibly soft on its own
  8. For a crisp look, we recommend turning your bedding inside out and using a warm iron
  9. We recommend keeping your Bhumi items away from all household cleaners and personal care products, even your toothpaste and toothbrush, as there are many chemicals and acids that will discolour and stain your items forever
  10. We recommend washing your items separately like sheets with sheets, towels with towels and so on to avoid lint, fluff, etc.
  11. Wash all Duvet Covers inside out to protect the coconut shell button closures
  12. For a natural softener and stain remover we recommend baking soda and white vinegar. For hand-washing items, fill one full bucket of warm or cold water, and pour the whole cup of baking soda in it. After that, simply soak the Bhumi item in this solution overnight. The principle is simple - the more of the baking soda you use, the stronger the softening effect will be. In the end, simply wash your items in the washing machine and dry them up completely. White vinegar is also a well-known natural cleaning solution that can also be used as a natural fabric softener. When machine washing, add a mixed solution of ½ cup of vinegar and ½ cup of water as your softener
  13. Shake your bedding well between washing and drying to get rid of excess fibres or balling and to minimise wrinkles and creases
  14. We recommend airing your inserts in hot sunlight and air every few months

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