“The earth teaches us to be human, to love, to give, to thrive, to survive. We believe that when we take care of our home, it takes care of us.”

Meet the founders
Vinita & Dushyant

Based out of Melbourne (Australia), Dushyant & Vinita’s journey began by recognising the devastating impact of conventional cotton farming on the environment and the exploitation of workers.

Vinita who is born and raised in Australia with a background in Health and a Masters in International Public Health (from the University of Melbourne), saw first hand the disastrous health and environmental impacts of traditional cotton growing with farmer suicides, child labour, pesticide poisoning, birth defects, harmful dyes and toxic water ways. After years in the field meeting with amazing NGOs, grassroots organisations and a growing movement of organic farmers, it was time for positive change. Vinita combined her deep love for the Earth, humanity and sustainable design to create Bhumi Organic Cotton.

Dushyant's passion for socially conscious enterprises and textiles, along with his finance and technology background, has seen Bhumi grow to a global platform. Dushyant's vision for all businesses today is to have a purpose beyond just profits. He strongly believes that businesses should be financially sustainable and at the same time provide economic, social and environmental benefits to local and global communities.

Mission & Vision
A vision for sustainability & Transparency

Our journey began with a simple yet powerful mission: to create organic cotton bedding, bath, and basics that not only feel good, but do good.

We saw the destruction caused by conventional cotton farming and knew that something had to change. So, we set out to make a difference, with organic cotton. Our organic cotton is sourced from small farmers who use sustainable and ethical practices, supporting fair labor and protecting the planet. And that's just the beginning of our commitment to sustainability.

We're proud to be carbon neutral and our aim is leaving the earth better than we found it. With the support of our customers, we have been able to make a real impact in a short period of time. But, our mission is far from over. We want to build a community of like-minded individuals who value sustainability and make organic the industry standard.

Our goal for the future is to scale internationally, making an even bigger impact by bringing sustainable, organic cotton bedding to people all over the world. At Bhumi, we are committed to making a difference for both the planet and the people. And with your support, we can continue to make a bigger impact with each passing day. Let’s make organic cotton the new normal.

“ It is time for change. We strongly believe that knowledge brings power. Power brings choice. Choice brings change. Change for the better – for the earth and for humanity.”


Organic Cotton

Committed to the finest organic cotton & Materials

At Bhumi all of our cotton is organically grown and produced as nature intended without the use of any toxic chemicals.

We only use and will only ever use GOTS certified fairtrade organic cotton for there to be a positive impact from “seed to shelf” on humanity and the environment. Being strict in our certification ensures that along the whole supply chain there are no GM seeds, no harmful chemicals, insecticides and pesticides, no toxic dyes, bleaches or finishes, no child labour, fair wages and safe working conditions.

Organic cotton farmers use environmentally sustainable systems that maintain and replenish the fertile soil, promote biodiversity and natural pest control. Natural fertilisers such as animal manure and compost are used that recycle the nitrogen within the soil.

The factories run on solar and wind power and all water used is collected during monsoon rainfall.


Conscious • Timeless • Ethical

Exploring Organic Cotton Farms
Bhumi Founders visiting the cotton farms in India. Read more about Bhumi’s journey, values and the process from seed to shelf in order to create the best product possible.
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As consumers, it is of paramount importance for all of us to know the certifications and how strict they are and what they cover, as not all certifications mean it is ok for the planet or Her people.