How to Style a Throw Like a Pro: 9 Options For a Beautiful, Elegant Home

By Vinita Baravkar

Throw blankets are a must-have piece of decor in every home. They aren't just functional, but also incredibly stylish and versatile, making them every stylist’s dream.

With Autumn in the air, this is the perfect time to bring out your throws and have a fun styling session.

Styling a throw is one of the simple joys of interior design. By adding more colour, dimension and creativity to your home, a throw can uplift any space.

In fact, Tarmaine Hales of Harlo Design Studio says, “A styled throw provides the perfect addition of texture to a space. Whether folded with intention and thought or simply thrown in playfulness and forgotten.”

Styling a throw is nothing short of art.

Needless to say, it can feel a bit overwhelming. How to throw? Where to throw it? Which throws should you buy? To fold or not to fold? The possibilities are endless.

So if you're wondering how to style a throw like a pro, you're in the right place.

In this article, you will learn about the different ways you can style a throw - be it on your bed, couch, or chair.

So grab your throw blankets and your favourite matching pillows, and let's get to work!

How to Style a Throw On a Bed

Throws are the perfect way to sprinkle some warmth and personality to your boudoir – without going over budget.

They can refresh and jazz up the entire look of your bedroom.

Depending on how you style a throw, it can either serve as an eye-catching centrepiece or a neutral background – the choice is yours.

So whether you like your throw neatly folded or effortlessly tossed, these methods on how to style a throw on a bed have got you covered.

The Footsie

This one's easy – all you have to do is place your throw at the foot of the bed.

Steps to Style:

  • Drape your throw horizontally along the foot of your bed
  • Position the throw towards the edge of your bed to make it look larger
  • Let it cascade over the sides and fall to the floor, exuding some drama and luxury
  • You can also play with colours and contrast here by using colour-blocked throws or throws with warm earth tones

Tip: It's okay to keep it sloppy. No need to smooth out the wrinkles and creases – they add a natural, lived-in look.

Tarmaine says:

"Bedroom throws add a beautiful contrast of texture against bedlinen."

Over The Board

Who says throws only look good at the foot or corners of your bed? If you love a certain throw fabric or print, try draping it over your headboard and make it stand out.

Steps to Style:

  • Fold your throw in half
  • Drape it lengthwise along the headboard
  • Make sure it's evenly spread in the front and back
  • Place your pillows against the headboard for a cozy yet chic look

Tarmaine says:

"Simple style additions like a draping over the headboard can provide beautiful pops of eye-level colour within the room."

Layer it Up

Want to make your throws look larger? Layer them up. More throws and more colours mean more fun and texture to your bedroom.

Steps to Style:

  • Drape a large chunky throw or bed blanket along the middle to the foot of the bed
  • Drape your smaller decorative throw on top. For the best pairing, pick a common shade with contrasting textures
  • You can leave it here or go the extra mile – add more throws to the mix
  • Mix up solids and prints to create a pleasant contrast and add some life to your bedroom

How to Style a Throw On a Couch

Throws are an easy, affordable way to decorate your couch – they simply belong there.

Plus, there's nothing more relaxing than snuggling up in a couch corner with a throw blanket, a hot cup of coffee, and a book.

Depending upon the occasion, you can either go for a casual, effortlessly elegant look or a neat and tidy look.

The Over Arm

If you like to keep your living room neat and tidy, this one's for you. It infuses a classy, minimal aesthetic into the space.

Steps to Style:

  • Neatly fold the throw in half lengthwise
  • Fold in half along its width
  • Drape it over one arm of the couch
  • In case the edges touch the floor, drape it in half once again

The Waterfall Throw

If you want to add more symmetry and texture to your living room while making a statement, try this one. For it, you'll need two matching throws and matching cushions.

Steps to Style:

  • Fold the matching throws in thirds lengthwise
  • Drape them evenly over the back of the couch, on either side
  • Make sure they fall from the back over to the front of the couch (like a waterfall)
  • Push them into the back crevice
  • Finally, finish the look by placing an upright cushion on each throw

The Diagonal Drape

This interior design hack adds an abstract style to your couch, while keeping it effortlessly chic.

Steps to Style:

  • Fold your throw blanket in half
  • Drape it over the back of the couch, either on the left or right end
  • Bring it diagonally down onto the seat and towards the front of the couch
  • Place a set of upright colour-coordinated cushions on the throw to make a statement

Tarmaine says:

"A throw is a great functional product that can be well used to tie in and complement colour within a room."

How to Style a Throw On a Chair

We love throws on the couch. But there's one more place where you can style your throw to completely elevate its look. That's right, it's chairs!

A chair throw adds so much texture to the space. And it's perfect for times you want to snuggle up to read a book or watch that new Netflix show everyone's been talking about.

A chair throw makes it stand out. You can style it the way you want to make it your cozy corner in the home. And just like always, you can either fold or go more casual and organic.

Drape Over Seat

This 'classic' look adds texture to your chair with a hint of modern aesthetic.

Steps to style:

  • Start by draping it across one side of the back
  • Bring it down and spread it on the seat
  • Make sure it covers most of the seat
  • Let the edges (with tassels or pom poms) hang loose on the front

Casual Cascade

This style adds a warm and cozy look to your space. For it, you'll need a high-back chair and a chunky throw with fringed edges.

Step to Style:

  • Drape your throw over the back right or left side of the chair
  • Fold it together on one side
  • Let the edges cascade down to the back leg for a casual, effortless look

Tarmaine says:

"Textile accessories like throws, add a delicate level of warmth and cosiness to a room."

Drape Over Arm

If you want to go for a clean-cut look, this one's for you.

Steps to style:

  • Fold a thin throw in half
  • Add one more fold lengthwise
  • Drape it neatly on one arm of the chair
  • Make sure the ends don't touch the floor for a more clean, sophisticated look

How to Pick the Right Throw for Your Home

There are a few key steps you can take to ensure that you’re picking a throw that’s right for your home.

Make sure that the colour is right for the space and will have a positive effect. Throws with warm earthy tones exude coziness and comfort. They also accentuate the overall room decor and breathe life into a space. You can also pick throw colours based on the seasons. For example, earthy, burgundy tones look great during autumn.

It's important to consider the fabric material and quality while picking out a throw. Conventionally-made throws often have traces of toxic, synthetic materials which are harmful for both kids and adults alike. Instead, opt for throw blankets made with high-quality natural fabrics like organic cotton and organic hemp. These natural fabrics are not just soft and cozy, they are also safe and non-toxic. Plus, they add a luxurious, sophisticated look to any space.

We hope these tips inspired your inner designer and sparked new ideas to style throw blankets in your home, no matter the furniture. If you're looking to stock up on some soft and snuggly throws, feel free to explore Bhumi's throw collection.

Made with GOTS-certified organic cotton and long-staple cotton thread of superior quality, Bhumi throws are not just luxurious and comfortable. They're also an investment piece that will last you for many years to come.

As Tarmaine says it best, “a throw is a great multifunctional long-lasting asset. Investing in quality assures it never goes out of style and can be used and enjoyed over many years, within many rooms, and by many people."


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