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We are passionate about what we do at Bhumi and love innovative ways of spreading the awareness around the truth behind the textile industry. We love working with influencers, journalists, designers, brands, bloggers and media whose ethos and values align with ours. If conscious living, organic lifestyle, toxic free living, sustainability, fair trade, caring for the Earth and Her People are all important to you we invite you to collaborate with us. We love dialogue and nurture each relationship we form and have several ways you can collaborate with us:


  1. Become A Bhumi Brand Ambassador
  2. Review Our Products
  3. Showcase & Style With Bhumi Products
  4. Brand Partnership & Collaboration
  5. Media

Become A Bhumi Brand Ambassador

We love the people behind our brand and we love it when you share the love and we in turn then share the love! Love really does make the world go round!


So let's set it in stone with our Brand Ambassador Program as you share pictures of our products on your social media or blog.


Let's share the love!


Review Our Products

We design our products but we love knowing what you think! Your feedback helps shape the finer details of our products and helps build dialogue on your blog.


If you have a review media outlet or a review website we would love to hear from you.


Let's talk openly!


Showcase & Style With Bhumi Products

From fashion stylists, interior stylists, interior designers we love how our products are a part of your creative projects helping spread the love and awareness of sustainable luxury living.


For exclusive trade and bulk discounts get in touch with us today!


Let's get creative together.


Brand Partnership & Collaboration

If you believe your business or brand shares our ethos and values please do get in touch to pave the way forward for a beautiful working relationship.


It is through building a community of like-minded people that we can support each other, support the Earth and support Her People.


Let's build a community!



We love sharing the story from seed to shelf about beautiful organic cotton products. If you are an editor, a journalist, content contributor at an online media, podcast, magazine, newspaper or lifestyle website, then we would love to hear from you and let's start talking.


Let's spread the word together.