HOME Series - With Sabina McKenna

HOME Series - With Sabina McKenna

Sabina McKenna - Artist. Model. Activist. Writer.

Welcome to our ‘HOME’ series a photographic series capturing personal reflections and the essence of home.

This series we spend time with Sabina Mckenna.

Sabina McKenna is a creative, incredibly talented young woman with a zest for life. A writer, model, activist and artist based in Melbourne, her gypsy soul dances when she talks about her love of cultures, people and travel.

Her passion for interpersonal experiences saw her launch ‘Where Are You From’ an online photo journal that documents people of colour’s experiences of the question ‘Where Are You From?’ with an exploration into political presentation.


Sabina is intrigued and passionate about exploring cultural identity and belonging in Australia which shapes her view on what and where home is. The world is where Sabina finds home resonates and places resonate with a heart beat for her like with her time in New York at the National Academy School of Fine Arts. Her home is dotted with pictures, sculptures, art work to reflect these feelings and expressions.

“To me home has always been wherever I find a personal sense of belonging. At times that can be within a place: living in New York for several years, gave me a strong sense of belonging. I was matched by the energy, the people, the art and the culture. Or within people - like the feeling I get when I am with my family and dearest friends.

In my recent years cultivating a nourishing environment within my literal home has been one of my most rewarding experiences yet. In the comfort of my own space - set up exactly as I desire - somehow the world feels less bewildering. I am home to recharge, create, learn or just be." - Sabina McKenna

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