"World Sleep Day" - The Top 5 Effects Of Sleep On Your Body

"World Sleep Day" - The Top 5 Effects Of Sleep On Your Body

"World Sleep Day" - The Top 5 Effects Of Sleep On Your Body

World Sleep Day is an annual event, intended to be a celebration of sleep and a call to action on important issues related to sleep, including medicine, education, social aspects and driving. It aims to lessen the burden of sleep problems on society through better prevention and management of sleep disorders as sleep medicine professionals and researchers believe that sleep is not seen as important enough in personal health and well-being to be a priority. That coupled with the flow of a sleepless 24/7 society, World Sleep Day aims to celebrate the importance of healthy sleep.

Sleep is nature’s most powerful healer. Science shows that with the right environment, quality and duration of sleep ensures that your body systems undergo daily maintenance, which nurtures, repairs, heals and balances you physically, mentally and emotionally.

Here are the Top 5 effects sleep has on your body:

  1. SLEEP and your BRAIN – studies show that sleep is necessary to rejuvenate the connections between brain cells essential for memory, cognitive functioning and attention span
  2. SLEEP and your MUSCLES – the body produces growth hormone during sleep, which is a function necessary for building and maintaining healthy muscle tissue and muscle strength
  3. SLEEP and your IMMUNE SYSTEM – not enough sleep reduces white blood cell activity, which increases the risk of you getting sick, infection and inflammation
  4. SLEEP and your BLOOD SUGAR – not enough sleep can interfere with the body’s ability to metabolise glucose, leading to early signs of diabetes
  5. SLEEP and your MOOD – studies have shown that lack of sleep increases the feeling of stress, anger, feeling sad, irritated and mentally exhausted

As you lay sleep in your bed trying to do the right thing by getting the right amount of sleep, it is also important to know what you are sleeping in. In the sheets you sleep in there are pesticides, fertilisers, silicone waxes, harsh petroleum scours, softeners, heavy metals, flame and soil retardants, fasteners, ammonia, dyes, colourants, finishers, caustic soda, sulphuric acid, bromines, urea resins, halogens and formaldehyde. These are just a few of the names of the toxic substances and chemicals used in our sheets that make their way into the body, the bloodstream and lymphatic systems while we sleep. We breathe in the toxic cocktail in to our skin and bloodstream when we sleep forcing our immune systems to fight an uphill battle.

Did you know that our skin is most porous and absorbent when the skin is warm (like when we are cosy in bed)? Did you know it only takes seconds for chemicals to start entering into the blood stream?

To do the right thing by your body, you need to sleep for the right length of time and you need to ensure you create the ultimate cocoon for sleeping with your sheets and blankets that are free from chemicals and toxic dyes. We encourage you to look into your bedroom and see where toxins may be lurking that can impact your sleep. Our number one suggestion is to create an organic bedroom sanctuary with certified organic cotton products that will actually help you sleep better.

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About the Author: Vinita is the Founder of Bhumi Organic Cotton and passionate about an Earth Life Balance

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