Why Choose Organic Flannel For Your Bedroom?

Why Choose Organic Flannel For Your Bedroom?

The Benefits Of Using Organic Flannel

In this strange situation we find ourselves in isolation at home, we only need to look outside the window and take notes from Mother Earth. The winds have changed, the air is cooler, the rains and stormy grey skies embrace us as Autumn sets in preparing us for Winter. There is a quiet humility about the earth in the colder months.

She gracefully surrenders to the haunting beauty of emptiness and silence of winter, the darkness that comes before the light of warmer days, the stillness that precedes all activity of life and the serenity that prevails until it is burst by the business of spring. The leaves on her trees are falling as She shows us how beautiful it is to just let things go, especially things we cannot control. The earth is beginning to slow down and is preparing to sleep.

We too are being asked to retreat and somehow find moments to slow down, wind down, restore, heal, nourish and nurture ourselves. In the mayhem of now working from home, homeschooling, not being in a job, changing the whole way we have done things, this may be hard but we need to find some moments or things to help us achieve this be it a plant, a candle, a blanket, a bath. It is so important to in this tumultuous time hold on to the hope of better days and listen to the silence for it holds many answers.

In this cooler time we need to warm our bodies with natural heat and limit the exposure of artificial heating to avoid the skin drying out. In the bedroom it is time to turn to the warmer fabrics. Enter Organic Flannel Bedding. We have created beautiful 100% Fairtrade organic cotton flannel bedding to keep you cocooned in the warmth of your home.

Flannel is a soft, warm and cosy fabric that is woven from thick yarns and brushed to give it its soft thickness. The velvety surface feels warm to touch and the beautiful unique weave traps the body heat to help you stay warm and cosy all night long. It is perfect for feeling supported, comforted and cosy and is also great for maintaining a warm temperature for your body naturally and being organic cotton, it still breathes with your skin allowing for effective air flow. Flannel is a delicious addition to your sanctuary and an indulgence that feels amazing wash after wash, season after season.

Sleep easy knowing that your flannel sheets and quilt cover will not only keep you warm but are produced without the use of any harmful chemicals, insecticides and pesticides, doesn't use genetically modified seeds, or any toxic dyes, bleaches or finishes, ethically made in fairtrade mills with no child labour or unfair working conditions. In other words, it's better for you, better for the earth and better for her people.

Choose Flannel if you:

1. Like that warm and fuzzy feeling that flannel exudes
2. Consistently feel cold at night
3. Are looking for something to feel cosy, supported and warm in

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About the Author: Vinita is the Founder of Bhumi Organic Cotton and passionate about an Earth Life Balance

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