How To Create A Blissful Bath Experience?

How To Create A Blissful Bath Experience?

Your time in the bathroom is so much more than just cleansing. It is a time to connect to water, to stillness, to yourself. This winter make it part of your evening routine to experience the simple bliss of seeing, touching, tasting and feeling water and the associated benefits of cleansing, relaxing, healing and letting the day go.

The Experience: With Water

Water is one of the most powerful elements on Earth. Many cultures across the world have celebrated and honoured the life force of water with practices of cleansing and healing for centuries. Water can expand our intuition and make way for new fresh creative flow. The sound of running water can promote a peaceful, soothing and meditative environment. The touch of water can not only wash away dirt but also wash away negative energy, vibrations, stress and emotions. Cold water can increase alertness and improve circulation. Warm water can relax muscles, ease pain and allow the body to let go of stress that may be held as tight shoulders, neck or back. Taking the time to see how your body, mind and soul reacts to water is a beautiful experience that can become a part of your daily pattern to relax, let go of stress, cleanse and heal.

"If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water." - Loren Eiseley

The Experience: The Bathroom

You do not need to buy a lot of expensive items or renovate your bathroom space to feel like you are in a spa sanctuary. There are many little things you can do to evoke tranquility and bliss in your own personal bathroom space. Prepare your bathroom with soothing music, scented essential oils, soft flickering candles, incense and natural soaps. Add a touch of nature with flowers, pot plants or eucalyptus branches or lavender sprigs hanging behind the shower head. Open a window and let the cool crisp winter air in. Whether you have a bath or a shower is your preference and the preparation of your body is the same. A scrub of sea salt and honey, coffee granules and sugar or dry brushing exfoliates the skin and is a wonderful way to begin wiping away and letting go of your day, all that you are holding onto in your body and your thoughts, wiping away your stress. Try to let go of all your thoughts and feelings and release it all into the water - let the water carry everything away from you. Focus on the sensation of the water on your skin, your hair, your eyes. Let the water run over your forehead. Imagine you are washing away all of your troubles, stress, pain, worry, fears, questions, difficulties. Repeat some positive affirmations to acknowledge you are in the present moment and thank the water for its' beautiful properties of cleansing and healing. Let love and positive healing in. Let the water hold you.

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The Experience : The Towel Cocoon

After your shower/bath the bliss moments do not stop. Wrap yourself in a luxurious Fairtrade & certified organic cotton towel (my personal luxurious bliss moment is wrapping myself in the Bhumi Bath Sheet) and create a towel cocoon for your body. Gently pat dry (don’t rub your skin) with your towel. For that extra luxurious and regal touch wrap your hair away from your face in a head wrap and gently massage your face to relax any areas where you are holding tension - your jaw, corners of the mouth, under your eyes, area between the eyebrows, across your forehead. Take a moment to stop, breathe, appreciate the moment and revel in your relaxed state of body and mind.

'Let me, O Let me bathe my soul in colours, let me swallow the sunset and drink the rainbow' - Khalil Gibran

About the Author: Vinita is the Founder of Bhumi Organic Cotton and passionate about an Earth Life Balance.

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