Warming Up Your Little Ones

Warming Up Your Little Ones

As the weather turns cooler we need to turn our attention to warming up but we need to be careful about how to do this especially for the little people in our life whose skin is so delicate and precious.

Cold weather calls for layering up and staying warm but it can also herald the arrival of persistent dry flaky skin, over heating, eczema flare ups and over exposure and absorption of nasty chemicals and dyes.

At this time we need to ensure we and especially the little people in our lives stay hydrated, the skin should be moisturised twice daily with organic oils and organic creams and we layer up with organic fabrics with natural dyes that allow our skin to breathe. Doing this helps keep the skin soft and supple and drives away the all too common occurrences of flaky scaly skin, eczema flare ups, dry chapped skin and dermatitis flare ups.

The perfect fabric for layering in the colder months is organic jersey. Jersey can come in different weights and the sensation of it is soft, comforting and slightly stretchy. Jerseys soft texture creates a cocoon for your skin trapping the warmth naturally in and perfect for the cooler weather. And the most alluring quality is that our organic jersey allows the skin to breathe. The final added benefit is that it like all of Bhumi's other fabrics, contains NO toxic dyes or chemicals. When the skin is warm it will readily in less than 6 seconds absorb directly into the blood stream what you put on it. As you and your treasured ones sleep in warmth in any Bhumi product, you can be rest assured that no toxic chemicals are leeching into the blood stream. Instead you are being cocooned in the most beautiful organic fabric with natural dyes that cause no harm to the Earth or you.

Bhumi Organic Cotton - Jersey PJ Set

Featured above - Jersey Cot Sheet Set

As the little people are so prone to the common ailments of autumn and winter especially with their soft precious skin, we recommend our jersey for layering up, jersey quilt cover to be warm in bed without the overheating and dry irritated skin, and jersey sheets to trap and cocoon the warmth without the nasty dyes or chemicals entering the bloodstream.

About the Author: Vinita is the Founder of Bhumi Organic Cotton and passionate about an Earth Life Balance.
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