Our Top 7 Gift Ideas That Make An Impact This Christmas

Our Top 7 Gift Ideas That Make An Impact This Christmas

Gifts That Celebrate The Earth

This year with all that we have been through together, our wish for you is a festive season of connection; connection to each other as well as the Earth. Our team at Bhumi have put together some of our favourite gift ideas that are connected to nature and made with love and compassion. The end to this year is a perfect time to stop and simply connect with the meaning of the season, connect with our loved ones and also the perfect opportunity to connect with and reflect on ourselves; the year that was, our ideals, our intentions and our impact on the earth.

Here Are Our 7 Gift Ideas:

Give the gift of pure scent with Vahy - Vahy's ethos is centred around creating premium and bespoke natural products with honest composition and transparent practices. Try all of their divine 6 scents with the sampler set.

For the coffee lovers help them make the switch - Tripod Coffee - Australia's most sustainable coffee pods on a mission to inspire sustainable living. Try their range with the Starter Pack Sampler.

Keep planting more trees - Two Boys And A Jungle Kingdom - With a wonderful mission to provide people with the tools and knowledge that they need to build their own Jungle Kingdom, do no harm to the environment, nourish and support the people and animals that dwell on our planet and overall develop a better connection with our natural world, these guys will deliver plants straight to your door (if you are in Melbourne).

A bouquet of botanical goodness - Osun Sparkling Elixirs - Positively charged crystal gem elixirs to help you radiate from the inside out. Try their flavours in their sampler set.

Build longer tables not higher fences - Free To Feed - A not for profit social enterprise in awe of the potential and spirit of refugees, people seeking asylum and new migrants. Their cooking immersion experiences or home feast delivered to your door makes the perfect gift of art and soul connection.

Spread The Love - You For Her believe in giving you the finest organic argan oil products with their core purpose to spread kindness in this world, to people and the planet by committing more than half of their profits to support and encourage female empowerment, equality and education. Try their beautiful Self Care Gift Package that gives back in many ways.

Give the gift of heavenly sleep - Our signature classic and most popular all year round fabric, our organic sateen sheet set is what dreams are made of; Ethically made with the finest organic cotton.

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About the Author: Vinita is the Founder of Bhumi Organic Cotton and passionate about an Earth Life Balance

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