Top 5 Tips - How To Protect Your Bedding?

Top 5 Tips - How To Protect Your Bedding?
Frequent washing breaks down even the highest quality bedding so we have put together some tips to help maintain the longevity of your organic bed linen.

1. To prevent chemical coating and weakening of the cotton fibres avoid using harsh chemical detergents, fabric softeners and bleaching agents. Choose washing liquids that are natural and plant based and to prevent any discolouration keep your bed linen away from the commonly found benzoyl peroxide or alpha hydroxy acids.

2. From the bottom up, wash your mattress protector, pillows and quilt inserts every 6 months. Wash your throws and blankets every 3 months. In between washes, if there is warm sun and a breeze definitely sun and air your products. And finally with your sheets, pillow cases and quilt covers as they come directly in contact with your skin wash them every week.

3. When washing wash with cool water and natural plant based liquid soap. If you wish to brighten your bedlinen add vinegar and baking soda to the wash cycle.

4. Make sure your bedding is completely dry before storing it away. A bedding bag made from the same fabric (like our Bhumi bags that the bedding comes in) is perfect and ideal for storing away bedlinen.

5. Do not store your bedding in cardboard as it may transfer acids on to the fabric, and do not store your bedding in plastic tubs as moisture can be trapped causing mould. Organic cotton is a natural fibre and needs to breathe so choose a storage area that is dry, cool and well-ventilated.

About the Author: Vinita is the Founder of Bhumi Organic Cotton and passionate about an Earth Life Balance.

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