Thank You + Sharing 10 Fun Tips For Home

Thank You + Sharing 10 Fun Tips For Home

Staying Strong Through Connection

With the deepest gratitude I thank you all for your love and support for our business with all the orders during our recent promotion. It is always humbling to feel your love and connection to our products, ethos and the wider global impact which is so far reaching. With folded hands, I thank you.

My thoughts are with you all at this extremely testing time. At present in these moments of unprecedented uncertainty things may be challenging, bringing up issues of conflict, emotions and adjustment, frustration, isolation, loss and fear. Please try to tap into the inner strength inside you to reflect on this new awakening, and reach out knowing that we are all in this together. If there ever was a time to come together to support each other and be a community even if it is virtually, it is now. HumanKIND. Let's be both.

Sharing 10 Things My Daughter and I Are Doing This Week At Home:

1. Let It Flow

Let It Flow - Shy and I are starting the mornings off by opening all the windows to let the air flow and flow with online yoga - this week we are being guided by the ever so graceful Lucy in free online practice - click here

2. Eat The Rainbow

When we cook the rule is Shy and I cook together - I pass on my knowledge of Ayurveda given to me from my mother and infuse it in any cooking we do. Keeping in mind the immune system and healthy bodies we make it fun - this week we are creating homemade vegan potato gnocchi by Vegan Wondermamma - here, hearty soups by Nora cooks - found here and healthy sweet treats by Ela Vegan - click here

3. Meet The Future

One of the best things I have come across for my daughter that inspires the young innovator inside her with incredibly fun science and art projects with Kiwi Co STEM activities delivered to your door - at the moment, they have lots of FREE At-Home activities - find out more here

4. Screened Social Media Time

Making sure we laugh as laughter is the best medicine - two of Shy and my favourite instagram accounts for some good belly laughs @myhuman_andme and @thingsihavedrawn

5. Moments To Inhale Exhale

Making time to BREATHE with the Divine Sian Pascale's Youtube Channel - The Light Collective - watch here

6. Nothing Like Books

Reading books both paper based and audio books - For as long as schools are closed Audible is streaming free kids books in 6 different languages. Listen here

7. Music Music Music

Creating music, listening to music, dancing to music, exercising to music - Music is the language of the soul and charges every single cell in your body, helps your plants grow, soothes your furry friends, positively charges the air so turn the music up! This week Shy's choice is Billie Eilish and Ludovico Einaudi

8. Green Thumbs

We are tending to our potted plants and growing an herb garden, creating bee water stations and keeping a check on our Bug Motel - thank you BAAG for all the beautiful supplies - visit here

9. Creativity With Your Recycling

Using our recycling to create art - this week we are working on multi coloured elephants from our juice bottles and gifting them to friends to brighten their day - click here

10. Stay In Touch

Connecting to people by writing letters and cards, emails, text messages, whats app messages, teaching Facetime to Grandparents and calling every day, chatting, keeping connected with the simple question - Are You OK? Let's try to release any stored emotions and attempt to live in the present and make sure we are all ok as we are in this together - Screen shot of finally getting a visual connection with my parents on Facetime!!

My hope and prayers are with you at this time and may the place you call home be your sanctuary, a safe haven filled with hope.

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” Mother Teresa

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About the Author: Vinita is the Founder of Bhumi Organic Cotton and passionate about an Earth Life Balance

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