Surviving Summer: Our Top 5 Tips

Surviving Summer: Our Top 5 Tips

As the temperatures soar, it is time to think about ways to help survive the hot summer days and nights. We have put together our Top 5 Tips to help you survive this summer that each have a positive impact on the planet and the power grid.

1. It's All In The Sheets

In the hot weather it is really time to say good bye to your tightly-woven synthetic sheets as they limit breathability and trap the heat and sweat on your body. This is one of the biggest problems as people try to sleep rather uncomfortably, hot, sticky and sweaty. Summer is one of those months where sleeping in lightweight natural fibres like organic cotton actually helps you to sleep by regulating your temperature and allows air to move keeping you cool and light. Choosing sheets that are light in colour also helps to reflect the heat instead of absorbing it especially if your bedroom is by a window that has afternoon sun streaming in. Having organic cotton sheets is not only light and airy helping to keep you cool but it also evokes the spirit and mood of summer.

Our top pick this summer? Organic Cotton Sateen White Sheets sings warm summer days, cool summer nights.

Bhumi Organic Cotton - Sateen Sheets

2. Let Your Body Breathe

Just like your selection of sheets, your choice of clothing when you sleep can greatly affect your body temperature and your sleep experience. Opt for natural breathable materials like organic cotton to help wick sweat away from your skin and when temperatures rise, simply wear less.

Our top pick this summer? Organic Cotton Underwear - it helps your body breathe and keeps you cool and sweat free.

Organic Cotton Womens Underwear

3. Stay Hydrated

One of the best ways to keep your body temperature down this summer is by drinking cool liquids with water being your best friend. You can also stay hydrated by eating hydrating foods like watermelon, cucumbers and tomatoes that have water content.

Our top pick this summer? Filtered Water with slices of orange and cucumbers.

4. Ice Ice Baby

If you don't want to use the AC all night there are a few other tricks to use to stay cool. If you have a fan, put it in front of some cold ice water so that it blows cooler air toward you. Use an ice pack as a cool compress on your pressure points, forehead, and feet. Try a lukewarm shower to bring down your core body temperature - don't have a cold shower as then your body will overcompensate trying to warm you back up!

Our top pick this summer? An outdoor shower experience even if it is a bucket outside in the elements with lukewarm water!

5. Light The Candles

Most light bulbs actually give off more heat than light. So opt for low-watt, energy-efficient light bulbs or actually turn off the lights completely and enjoy natural lighting - candle light a soothing addition to your cool summer bedroom sanctuary!

Our top pick this summer? My forever favourite 'Salem' Nocturna Candle

About the Author: Vinita is the Founder of Bhumi Organic Cotton and passionate about an Earth Life Balance.

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