Spring Clean Your Bedroom With Bhumi

Spring Clean Your Bedroom With Bhumi

The world is awakening. All around us in nature we now see life coming forth. Each tree knows it is time to blossom, each plant knows it's time to push forth. The air is fresh. It is filled with the scents of the blossoms reminding us it is also our time to shed, grow and bloom. At Bhumi we believe in non toxic products and non toxic environments in which to live, love, laugh and grow.

Bhumi Organic Cotton Bedding - Sheets

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We have been nurtured in warmth these last few months but it is now time to peel away the layers. It is time to create, to bring our dreams out of hibernation to life. Spring heralds a time to reinvent ourselves, our thoughts, our expressions, our visions, our goals, our homes, our spaces.

It is time to open the windows and release the warm winter energy and welcome the new fresh air into our homes and let it filter through every pore. It is time to move things around in our spaces, create new fields of energy, introduce new fresh colour tones to bring nature in.

The colours of our new range of organic cotton bedding are inspired by the universal elements - their beauty surrounds us, their qualities inspire us, their presence define us. Evening blues, silver greys, golden sand, moss green and soft whites remind us of the deep ocean, the clouds, the sky, the forest, the mountain air. Spring connects us with nature. Spring reminds us that we have an infinite capacity to change and renew. Spring allows us the freedom of expression to bring nature in our home sanctuaries.

At Bhumi we are firmly committed to providing ethical alternatives for sustainable luxurious living that nurtures and respects the earth and her people.

Bhumi Organic Cotton - Khadi Quilt Cover

Featured - Khadi Quilt Covers

About the Author: Vinita is the Founder of Bhumi Organic Cotton and passionate about an Earth Life Balance.

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