Shades of Blue

Shades of Blue

Colours play an important part in our lives. Certain colours resonate within us, bring out an emotion, remind us of a place, a time, a person, a tradition. Colours shape our beliefs, emotions and surroundings every day and something we can connect to with all people around the world. Let's dive into my personal favourite - shades of blue.

Blue represents the sky and the sea in all its variations from the clear blue of the waters of the Pacific, the blue-grey of the Bahamas, the deep blue waters of Polynesia, the frosty beauty of Antarctica, the soft blues of the sky at dawn, the dark midnight velvet sky at night, the gentle midday cloudless sky, to the deep indigo blue of the crown chakra; we are surrounded by beautiful blue moments in all her shades and expressions. Blue is associated with elegance, tranquility, freedom, comfort, open spaces, imagination, inspiration, and sensitivity. Blue is known as the colour of intuition and sixth sense and also represents meanings of self-expression, depth, peace, sincerity, trust, honesty, loyalty, wisdom, confidence and heaven.

'We dream in colours borrowed from the sea' - Anon

Globally blue is represented in different ways across cultures. In North America and Europe blue represents trust, security, and authority. In Turkey, Greece, Iran and Afghanistan blue symbolises healing and protection against the evil eye. In India blue is strongly associated with love and divine joy. In Judaism, blue is the shade for holiness and divinity.

'Blue has no dimensions. It is Beyond.' - Y Klein

The fengshui elements suggest introducing some blue elements into the bedroom space to promote the feeling of calm, gentleness, letting go and better sleep as blue is a colour tone that seeks peace and tranquility and promotes physical and mental relaxation. It is a rich colour that invokes rest, peace, calm and slowing down.

'Blue is not just a colour. It is a feeling' - Kapil Bairwa

The Bhumi range allows for freedom. Freedom in mind knowing that each piece is ethically made with no harmful chemicals. Each piece draws inspiration from the colours of the earth and the textures of the landscape with simplicity of form. Each piece allows one to flow freely knowing the positive impact on the earth and her people. At Bhumi, everything we offer is designed to comfort, nurture, revive and sustain. Our designs reflect the beauty of the environment and our aim is to help people create natural sacred sanctuaries in their lives and homes that brings nature inside to soothe the body, mind and soul.

About the Author: Vinita is the Founder of Bhumi Organic Cotton and passionate about an Earth Life Balance.

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