Introducing People Of The Earth: Valeria, Founder Of The Wellnest

Introducing People Of The Earth: Valeria, Founder Of The Wellnest

Q&A with Valeria, Founder of The Wellnest

This month of June is an exciting one. Not only is it half way through the year, the beginning of Winter, but also a time to begin our new monthly series "People Of The Earth'. We are discovering and unveiling incredible inspirational people on this beautiful planet we all call home and sharing a bit of their story, their journey and their inner world with you.
This is a space to celebrate each other, no judgements, no walls, no competition, no divisions. Just celebrations. Celebrating the inner spirit we all share in an endeavour to drop the veils and discover new people, new ideas, new ways, new perspectives, new understandings.
Our first sharing is with a truly beautiful and inspirational soul Valeria - Founder of The Wellnest. Valeria is a strong, determined, real woman who also happens to be a wonderful Mama and a Health / Fitness Expert, a qualified Personal Trainer, Certified Health Coach and blogger on all things health, nutrition and fitness.

Valeria has created a space The Wellnest to enable people to find healthy recipes to nourish your body, discover creative ideas to inspire more joy and fun in your life, learn ways to live a more sustainable life, and compare notes on issues we all struggle with as women. The nest brings a world of comfort and connection as well as safety. Everything Valeria shares is raw and real and inspires everybody male and female to look into dimensions of our life we may overlook. Her latest blog is a wonderful read - How to make your wardrobe more sustainable

I feel honoured to have met a life long soul sister in Valeria who inspires me both professionally and personally and I hope you enjoy some insights into the beautiful Valeria and our time together.


What is your favourite room in your home sanctuary and why?

Oh I try to make every room in our home special, but my bedroom is definitely my place to retreat as I have a no technology policy there.

We all have days where things feel way out of our control. How do you centre yourself after one of these days? Is it something you do or is it a place you go to?

Breathing is always my go to, and then I sit down and commit to writing at least 3 pages in my journal. I find calming essential oil blends also help.

Do you have a night time ritual to wind down the day?

Creating a ritual has been vital to helping me sleep. I get a pre-bed routine with my son, and if I don’t fall asleep with him I usually do the following:
Ensure all the lights are dim within an hour of going to bed.
I diffuse lavender in my bedroom.
I shower in a dimmed bathroom, usually by candle light.
No screens 45 mins before bed helps me switch off.
I play a guided meditation and drift off to sleep.

What are three attributes you value most in people?

Valuing other people’s time.

What is something you do every morning?

Lemon water is my go to to start the day.

What plants can I find in your garden or home?

I have a jungle in my home. Several cacti, Monstera Deliciosas, Mother in Law’s tongue, Palms and giant fiddles.

If you could have dinner with 3 people in the history of time who would they be?

Coco Chanel
Frida Kahlo
Aleksandr Pushkin

What makes you sad or worried about the present and future of the planet?

The fact that corporates are not taking responsibility and abolishing their need for plastic. There are so many wonderful alternatives out there. We just shouldn’t be using plastic for profit anymore.

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