10 Ideas To Celebrate Mother's Day A Little Differently This Year

10 Ideas To Celebrate Mother's Day A Little Differently This Year

May This Mother's Day Be An Opportunity To Connect

Mother’s Day will definitely be celebrated differently this year with social distancing and not being able to physically be with the women who have shaped us. Inspired by Helen Keller - 'The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart', it is a time to find new and innovative ways to ignite feelings into how we celebrate, reflect, and remember with the simplest of things. I hope we can all first pause to honour Mother Earth who is an incredible example to us of power, resilience, strength and enduring love.

May this Mother's Day be an opportunity to stop building walls and connect to each other more closely than we have ever done before. I hope we can see this as an awakening on so many levels.

Mother's Day

Mothers come in many different forms and motherhood can mean many different things with many of us having special relationships with people we aren’t related to us by blood. Mothering means so much more than just giving birth to a child. We may mentor young people in the community. We may support children of family members or friends. We can also have strong bonds with our furry babies who we mother.

On Mother's Day all women deserve to be loved, honoured, respected, cherished, and supported. As women, we need to live and be led by compassion, love, creativity and our beautiful intuition. When we celebrate each other and embrace sisterhood we stand for ourselves, humanity and Mother Earth. It takes strength to stand for love, respect, dignity and each other.

Mother's Day

This Mother's Day I hope we can show some love to all the other powerful, fabulous and inspiring women in our lives as well as recognise the women around us both known and unknown and celebrate a sisterhood of the simple unique defining fact that we are all incredible women.

Here are Ten Ideas to celebrate Mother's day a little differently this year:

  1. Write handwritten letters to all the women in your life
  2. Video record a concert for your loved ones
  3. Send an online delivery of food, books, gifts that pamper to the women you love
  4. Read a book or poem via whatsapp or skype
  5. Plant a tree in the garden in memory
  6. Do a virtual activity together
  7. Hold a group Netflix Party
  8. For those women you are inspired by who you may know or not know, send them a message on social media as they work to let them know they are valued
  9. Reschedule the in person celebration to another later date and make the table longer by calling all the people we love to gather and celebrate
  10. Hug the trees, talk to them and tell them how you feel... nature will respond with love

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