How to protect your towels?

How to protect your towels?

We have put together some handy tips to help you get the most out of your towels.

The Wash

For best results and pilling prevention, dedicate your towel wash to a load of towels only. Wash with cold water and a small amount of natural detergent, as soap build up interferes with how well your towels dry. Avoid the use of fabric softeners and bleaches as they will coat and destroy the organic cotton fibres.

The Drying

Before drying, shake your towels to fluff up the fabric and avoid them becoming brittle and rough. Always make sure your towels are completely dry before folding away. For between uses, flat hang your towel and air dry. Flat hanging will avoid any growth of unwanted mould or mildew in the creases.

The Storage

Keep your towels away from bathroom and household cleaners as well as personal care products that contain peroxide or alpha hydroxy acids as they may cause fabric discoloration. Store a bag of cloves or lavender with your towels to keep them smelling naturally fresh.

The Care

If you get a snag or loop on your towel as it may have caught on something do not pull it, as this will cause more damage, simply cut it.

Replace your towels every 2 years. They work hard daily and get washed frequently. We suggest you donate your old towels to an animal shelter or reuse them around the house as cleaning rags.

Bhumi Organic Cotton - How to protect your towels?

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