6 Ways To Have A Little Fun This Christmas

Bhumi Organic Cotton - Green Christmas

This festive season, don't forget to laugh and have a little fun! Christmas and the lead up to it may be a busy, stressful and hectic time both personally and professionally. We have shared below some fun creative ideas you can do with family and friends to spread laughter, fun and gratitude for this time of year.

  1. Fill A Gratitude Vase - As your guests arrive ask them to write a note on gratitude and fill a vase. On the dining table place the gratitude vase and then take turns to each read a note before you start the festive feast!
  2. Find the Reindeer - A fun discovery hunt where guests need to find Santa's reindeer that you've hidden around the party space. This is a fun one you can make re-using toilet paper rolls!
  3. Play Musical chairs - Open presents whilst listening to Christmas Carols and playing musical chairs at the same time!
  4. Pin the Nose on Rudolph - A fun take on the popular game that everyone will absolutely love when they try to pin Rudolph's nose whilst blindfolded in the right... or wrong place!
  5. Sing Christmas Karaoke - There is always time to sing and what better way than a festive karaoke competition! Find your inner star and sing the night and day away!
  6. Set Up A Christmas Photo Booth - A Christmas home DIY photo booth makes a great addition to your gathering making the celebration extra memorable - be creative with Santa hats, Elf ears, reindeer masks ... your imagination is the limit!

We wish you and your family peace this Festive Season and a Very Merry Christmas filled with love, happiness and laughter.

Bhumi Organic Cotton - Green Christmas

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