Handy Secret Tricks To Keep Your Towels Soft & Fresh

Handy Secret Tricks To Keep Your Towels Soft & Fresh

When you buy a towel, you not only want it to last but you want it to feel as soft and luxurious as when you first purchased them. Sometimes they can become rough, sometimes they can feel like they are thick and not absorbing any moisture. The secret lies in how you are washing your towels and with what! We have put together a list of our handy tricks that have been tried and tested with our team and customers.

1. Keep your towels soft with ... vinegar

The big thing with towels is to avoid fabric softener as fabric softener deposits a layer of wax on the fabric fibres which decreases the absorbency of the towel. If you add a cap of white vinegar to your rinse cycle, it not only freshens the wash, it is antibacterial and it also disperses any remaining soap resulting in soft, fluffy, absorbent and fresh towels.

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2. The life cycle of a towel

There are actually 2 linting / pilling cycles in a towels life. One when it is new and one when it is at its end stage. The first cycle, which is the cycle that most people get annoyed by as they feel new towels should not behave in this way, is to get rid of the excess fibers. To the surprise of many lots of linting / pilling in the beginning is a sign of a good quality towel. All good quality organic cotton towels (regardless of colour) generally need a number of washes and dries before the linting / pilling decreases to normal levels as the fabric settles in and excess fibres are gone. The other shedding or linting period is when the towel is old, at its end stage and falling apart.

3. Hanging by a thread

If you get snags or loops on your towel as it may have caught on something do not pull it, as this will cause more damage, simply cut it. It may happen as well with new towels snags and loops appear as the fabric settles in, do not panic simply cut it and give your towel time to settle in.

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4. Discolouration

Colour discolouration occurs over time in towels with direct and extended exposure to sun light which can destabilise certain dyes at different speeds. Chemical degradation can be immediate and caused by skin care products, house hold cosmetic products, anti-moulding agents, toothpaste, harsh detergents and bleaches as they all often contain benzoyl-peroxide or other active agents. The chemical exposure with warmth of the water or the body will commence a chemical reaction which leads to discolouration, spots, marks and fade areas. So keep your bathing regime pure and natural and away from your beauty and cosmetic products, as well as keep your towel washing regime pure to avoid discolouration.

Bhumi Organic Cotton only uses the finest organic cotton to create luxurious fairtrade towels with no toxic dyes or chemicals to harm your body. We have created our beautiful bath range of bath sheets, bath towels, hand towels, wash cloths and bath mats for your comfort with fast drying action as well as being non-toxic and incredibly soft against your skin.

About the Author: Vinita is the Founder of Bhumi Organic Cotton and passionate about an Earth Life Balance.

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