Spring Clean Inspiration

Spring Clean Inspiration

Feel Fresh This Spring

When I close my eyes and think of Spring I think of fresh flowers, fruits, warmer days, longer hours of sunlight, detoxing and spring cleaning.

For the Earth, Spring begins the time to awaken from a long winter slumber. The Earth begins to breathe deeply again as life unfolds heralding the time of revival, rebirth, regrowth, regeneration. She is waking up. All around us in nature we now see life coming forth. Each tree knows it is time to blossom, each plant knows it's time to push forth.

The air is fresh. It is filled with the scents of the blossoms reminding us it is also our time to shed, grow and bloom. Springtime inspires us to believe that, along with the earth, we too might change, release the past, and give birth to new possibilities, new ideas, new choices and new perspectives. Spring is the time of love, resilience, change, richness and beauty.

A dear friend recently gave me a beautiful book an excerpt I wish to share ...

' I believed in miracles when I simplified my life. I cleaned out the clutter in my house and swept away the cobwebs of my past. I forgave those that had caused me pain. I called them up and if I couldn't reach them, or if they had passed on, I said a prayer. When I cleared away the dusty corners of my mind, I miraculously could breathe again. The stagnant claustrophobic thoughts that kept me small and trapped in the past were released. I felt a rush of joy overwhelm me and fill me with energy. When I cleaned up my past, and removed the dead wood, there was room for fresh new growth in my life and I began to blossom. I have given myself a second chance by letting go of the past, and my life has become an eternal spring of happiness.'
... Miracles When I See The Extraordinary : David & Heidi Cuschieri
Spring reminds us that we have an infinite capacity to change and renew and allows us the freedom of expression to bring nature in our home sanctuaries. Spring heralds a time to reinvent ourselves, our thoughts, our expressions, our visions, our goals, our spaces.
So it really is time to let go, open the windows, release the warm winter energy in our homes and in our bodies, welcome the new fresh air into our homes and let it filter through our every pore. It is the perfect moment to move things around in our spaces, create new fields of energy, introduce new fresh colour tones to bring nature in.
As life bursts forward around us, spring allows us the opportunity to connect with nature. The colours in all of our bedding are inspired by the universal elements - their beauty surrounds us, their qualities inspire us, their presence define us. Evening blues, silver greys, rosy pinks, golden sands, light greens and soft whites remind us of the deep ocean, the clouds, the blossoms, the earth, the forest, the mountain air.

Go and buy yourself some beautiful flowers. Fill up a bowl of fresh new season fruits. Change your sheets. Try a new colour or fabric. Open the windows of your house and your body. Smile again. Bathe in the sunlight. Walk barefoot in the grass. Surround yourself with nature inside your home and out. Watch the animals and flowers around you buzz with life and activity. Deep breathe in the new.
It is time to shed. It is time to live. It is time to love. It is time to laugh. It is time to grow.

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About the Author: Vinita is the Founder of Bhumi Organic Cotton and passionate about an Earth Life Balance

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