5 Tips to Build your Organic Bedroom

Bhumi Organic Cotton : Building your Organic Bedroom

Where else is more sacred than the bedroom?

This is where we spend a third of our lives, recuperating our bodies from the stress and excitement of the day. It thus makes sense our private sanctuaries as peaceful, clean and tidy as possible. It is a place of rest, yet also an important place to be conscientious about. Our internal and external landscapes are closely related, in physiology and psychology; by changing the space around us, we can influence the space within.

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Choosing certified organic fabrics for your bed is a wonderful contribution to the health of the planet, but importantly, also ensures the best for you and your family.

Conventionally dyed fabrics often contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), traces of pesticides, and other toxins that enter into the air and our lungs, through a process called ‘off-gassing’. This includes a number of allergens, and known carcinogens like formaldehyde, which can also leach into our warm skin within seconds.

Out of sight, out of mind, these silent, invisible toxins can easily be forgotten, but they can also be avoided.

Organic cotton and natural fibres are far more breathable than synthetic materials like polyester, and allows for less build-up of microbes and dust mites. Certified organic cotton fabrics are processed free from the poisonous chemicals like pesticides and dyes, leaving the fabrics soft and clean. Certification also ensures close monitoring of the journey from seed to shelf, ensuring wellness for the Earth, the workers along the supply chain, and you.

In the summer months, our organic cotton Percale sheets are a favourite, with its crisper, cooling weave. Sateen sheets will give you a luxuriously soft hug any time of year as you slip under the covers. For the more wintery months, choosing Jersey or Flannel will keep you snug and warm. We understand that convenience is just as important as comfort, so we’ve made it hassle-free to keep your bedding clean and fresh.

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Changes come in waves, and when starting to recreate your sanctuary, it’s a good idea to begin with what matters most.

Bhumi founder Vinita suggests underwear and sheets are a great way to start for adding organic to your lifestyle.

These are so close to your skin, day and night, so it’s important to choose a natural fabric that cares for your skin while supporting your body and its movements.


In physical space and in mind-space, it takes a bit of dusting to make room for clarity. Areas of clutter or neglect are tempting to ignore, and these can detract from our experience of a space. It sits as a reminder of things we are avoiding, or perhaps fear to approach.

Building your organic bedroom means creating a space that sustains, rather than stresses you.

You may like to reevaluate the flow of your room. What do you see when you first step in? How might it change your experience if you change this view? Are there any shelves, laundry baskets or other objects that distract or block the path you take moving through the room? What do you actually need in this space?

Perhaps you find that more physical space is created through removing what does not serve you in this space. The Environmental Protection Agency rates indoor air as one of the top concerns for public health; inviting easy-care indoor plants like Peace Lilies and Rubber Plants into your space is a beautiful way to add an element of nature, while also improving the vitality of the air we breathe.

Here are some ideas about building a Zen space and air-purifying house plants to get you inspired.


Imagine walking into a place that makes your heart swell. What do you see - and what do you smell, hear, and feel? How do these perceptions affect your thoughts, and perhaps even your breath?

With this in mind, how can you bring in sounds, scents and memories you love?

It may placing a special picture by your bedside, enjoying soft music, or lighting your favourite organic soy candles as a ritual before bed. Smell is closely linked to memory, with the olfactory bulb residing in the most primal part of our brain. Consider oil diffusers with grounding organic essential oils, like Sandalwood, Citrus or Lavender, to help soothe and set the mood. We also love placing organic cloves in beautiful jars, to bring an earthy scent to any space (and also keep away the bugs!)


Finally, be honest and feel the space. Each day will be different, and you will need a different kind of sustenance and rest.

The little decisions, the tiny sensations - just as you are made of trillions of cells, our lives are integrated from countless moments.

How we choose to step into and move through our bedroom is just as important as how we adorn it.


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Did you try these at home? Leave a comment below, we'd love to know what changed for you!

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About the Author: Lucy Lawes is an advocate for mindful living.

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