Why Do We Do Black Friday?

Why Do We Do Black Friday?

Bhumi Is Bringing Green To The Table This Black Friday

At Bhumi Every year at this time the world descends into a shopping frenzy with a lot of frantic and needless purchases. This Black Friday at Bhumi we want to provide sustainable shopping options and bring green to the table. We want to encoourage people all over the world to shop green, sustainable and ethical options that have a positive impact on the planet and Her people. Instead of creating a new narrative or a separate event, we want to help change the mindset of shoppers by being present at the Black Friday Sale and help change shopping behaviours.

Our motto is if you don't need anything, don't buy. But if you do, shop for good this Black Friday.

For the biggest shopping event of the year - we want to find a way to create even more impact and create a shift in the current trajectory. We don’t go on sale very often, and our goal for this event is to provide the best experience for our amazing community and making sustainable organic textiles accessible to everyone.

We can all always shop better, do better, be better with mindful conscious choices that make a positive impact not frenzied impulse purchases that perpetuate the throwaway society.

All of our cotton and linen is organically grown and produced as nature intended without the use of any toxic chemicals.

Our organic cotton farmers use environmentally sustainable systems that maintain and replenish the fertile soil, promote biodiversity and natural pest control. Natural fertilisers such as animal manure and compost are used that recyle the nitrogen within the soil.

The factories we work with are all Fairtrade certified and run on solar and wind power and all water used is collected from monsoon rainfall.

We only use and will only ever use GOTS certified fairtrade organic cotton for there to be a positive impact from "seed to home" on humanity and the environment. Many textiles like bamboo and eucalyptus go through intense chemical processing.

Being strict in our certification ensures transparency and comfort knowing that along the whole supply chain there are no GM seeds, no harmful chemicals, insecticides and pesticides, no toxic dyes, chmeicals, bleaches or finishes, no plastic, no child labour, fair wages and safe working conditions.

All of our products are carbon neutral and our certifications are third party verified. Overall, this results in having the lowest environmental impact, a deep sense of social justice with fair trade practices and also the purest ad softest organic cotton, that is resilient and gentle on our skin.

Bhumi Impact To Date (Measured By Independent 3rd Party)

With our carbon neutral products, we also invest in projects that promise stronger communities, cleaner skies and a greener Earth.

We hope to be a beacon of light in the sea of wasteful consumption with our sustainable and ethical products at an affordable price so that sustainable luxury is not just an unattainable goal, but an option for everyone.

Everyday we are witnessing the changing world around us as a result of our actions and the choices we make. The entire ecosystem is interconnected and when we truly realise and experience this, our love for the Earth, for life, for nature, for the human spirit is amplified.

We will always choose to make products that have a positive impact on our fellow human beings and the world around us. The collective power of knowledge and conscipus consumer choices will give life to the Earth as we work together to help restore the balance the Earth so desperately needs right now.

Shop for good this Black Friday and if you do buy, make it count for the planet and Her people.

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About the Author: Vinita is the Founder of Bhumi Organic Cotton and passionate about an Earth Life Balance

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