Becoming a Conscious Consumer: Bed

Becoming a Conscious Consumer: Bed

Buy Less. Choose Well.

When was the last time you stood in a shopping aisle, or loitered your finger over the trackpad, a flurry of thoughts in your mind as you attempt to choose: buy, or don’t buy?

Most of us reading this are fortunate to live surrounded by an abundance of choices, and each one we make comes with great responsibility. Whether we recognise it or not, our lives are greatly interwoven with people and places invisible to the unquestioning eye.

With the diversity of brands and flavours of each product on offer, it becomes increasingly challenging, yet ever more important, to make conscious choices.

If we can create happy and healthy lives for ourselves and others through what we decide to purchase - why wouldn’t we?

Conscious Consumerism is evaluating what we choose for our bodies and minds, with clarity about why we are choosing it.

Choosing well is built on a foundation of clarity in intention. What is your intention, for you, your family, your wider community?

To help you reflect, we are sharing what we see as choices that step towards a better world.

Here at Bhumi, we believe in nurturing with quality essentials that are comfortable to use and easy to care for. These are not disposables, but belongings that accumulate memories and meaning over time. Because it’s freeing to live with less clutter, and more joy.

Let’s start with our sacred sanctuary: Bed. This is a place to connect our minds and our bodies, so we are rested, nourished, and able to choose wisely.

BED: A Space for Rest

Bhumi  Organic Cotton | BedFeatured: Sateen Sheet Set (Ivory) from $159 | Lighting display By Earl Pinto

Knowledge brings Power. Power brings Choice. Choice brings Change.

Vinita Baravkar, Founder | Bhumi Organic Cotton

Much of the time when we find it difficult to choose, it is in some way related to a sense that we don’t understand something fully enough to feel informed.

When it comes to bedding, there is a general awareness of colour and décor elements, of thread count, about the benefits of natural fibres like cotton.

These are all elements we can see. But what about the factors we don’t see - and therefore often don’t question?

The invisible impact of what we put next to our skin has social, political and economic implications that affect our wellness as much as it does the people and places in which the product is created. Let’s take a simple sheet as an example. There can be a vast difference between two white cotton sheets that appear and feel much the same. The key lies in the process, rather than the product. A GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standard) and Fairtrade certified organic cotton sheet will be soothing for your skin, free of harsh chemicals and dangerous pesticide residue. It will also promote fair pay and welfare for the farmers, the makers, and protect the sustainability of the land. A conventional cotton sheet, however, is not monitored to strict quality and ethical standards. Despite the appearance of similarity in the final product, the impact of conventional cotton is reaping much harm for the people and the land.

We all want to do good in the world, yet we cannot know how to walk this path without the right information. Getting this information starts with asking questions.

Below is a collection of handy tips that offer some gentle guidance to help you integrate more curiosity and more conscientiousness into how you craft your choices.

Knowledge is bringing awareness to that which may not be visible; it helps us understand the connection between seemingly disparate parts. By becoming consciously selective about what we invite into our resting space, we can sleep easier knowing that our choices are contributing towards better health, for ourselves and for the Earth. We get to savour the importance of sleep a little more, and in turn honour our body as a holistic physical and spiritual home that needs far less ‘stuff’ than we might think.

Bhumi Organic Cotton | BedFeatured: Sateen Fitted Sheet (White) | From $89 | Sateen Pleated Quilt Cover Set (Pewter) | From $159

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How did you go?

We’d love to hear about your experience - leave us a comment below, and feel free to invite friends and family to share in creating Earth Life Balance!

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About the Author: Lucy Lawes is an advocate for mindful living.

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