Becoming a Conscious Consumer: Bath

Becoming a Conscious Consumer: Bath

Buy Less. Choose Well.

The bathroom is a integral part of our morning routine. What we do in this space is both personal, and public; we cultivate a private space, to prepare ourselves for the outside world. Similarly, at night, it gives us a chance to wind down, release the day, and settle back into our bodies.

From towels, to toothpaste, to the air quality in your bathroom - each plays an important part. We have the privilege of setting these up to support how we wish to feel.

The bathroom routine may seem mundane, but it can also become a beautiful ritual that cleanses and awakens in the morning, rejuvenates and calms in the evening.

How conscious are you about your routine, the products you use, and the impact this has for you and the world around you?


Conscious Consumerism is evaluating what we choose for our bodies and minds, with clarity about why we are choosing it.

This is Part II of our Conscious Consumer series - click here to see more on what it means to be a Conscious Consumer in Part I Bed: A Space for Rest.


BATH: Minding Your Ritual

Bhumi Organic Cotton | For Bath

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have the live.

- Jim Rohn

There is a difference between routine and ritual.

Routines can become habitual, mindless; actions repeated so many times that the original meaning may well have been forgotten.

Ritual, in contrast, is filled with intention. Every movement is purposeful, every action imbued with meaning.

In a busy day, our self-care practices can easily shift into a time of the wandering mind. Showering becomes a time to be caught up in tomorrow’s to-do’s, and brushing our teeth starts to involve tidying up the bedroom.

When we are distracted in action, we do not have the mind space to pay attention to what’s right here - the privilege of having hot running water, the soothing sensation of soft droplets on bare skin, the convenience of toothpaste ready to squeeze.

When we are distracted, we forget to be inhabitants in our own bodies, and instead float into clouds of thought. Skin and self care products might also become a matter of convenience or price, rather than a being conscientiously selected to care for and honour the sanctuary of our bodies.

Bhumi Organic Cotton | For Bath

What are the health implications of wrapping yourself in non-organic cotton towels? Why are plants good to have in the bathroom? What difference does it make to use organic shampoo or toothpaste?

Many common self-care products share the same harsh chemicals as floor cleaners - SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulfate) being a prime example. The majority of women expose themselves to over 100 toxins before even making breakfast. Especially since our bathroom ritual is a daily act, what we put in and around our bodies is accumulated over a long time, adding to its impact on our wellbeing.

Right now is the best time to become more critical of what we choose to invite into a ritual of cleansing - and make sure it really is clean.

Knowledge empowers us to make change for the better in our own lives, and in the lives of others. We’ve collected articles and ideas below to get you started - to simplify, refine and enjoy your bath ritual.

Allow your curiosity to lead you into new discoveries - it always starts with asking questions. What is this made from? Where does it come from? Who works to make it, and who benefits from its creation?

If you have any suggestions we are always open to learning - so feel free to share and comment below!

What is best for each of us will be different. We hope this information will help spark the learning that helps you rise up as the guardian of your own wellness. This is what it means to be a Conscious Consumer: we pay respect our bodies, offer attention to the present moment, and receive the fullness of life itself.

Bhumi Organic Cotton | For Woman


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About the Author: Lucy Lawes is an advocate for mindful living.

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