HOME Series - With Yoko Inoue

HOME Series - With Yoko Inoue

Yoko Inoue - Chef. Author. Wellness Advocate.

Welcome to our ‘HOME’ series a photographic series capturing personal reflections and the essence of home.

This series we spend time with Yoko the founder of Melbourne based organic raw food and living food cafe, Shokuiku.
Yoko is also an Author of the recipe book ‘RAW’ and has her own superfood & tonic herbs range called Gynostemma. To top it off she is an amazing mother to her Daughter Layla and Pug Zeus who stole our hearts.
Yoko has a modern minimalistic style with a slight Japanese fusion which runs through all areas of her life. Her recipes are not only stunning they are nutritious and creative.


"I'm passionate about expressing my creativity through food. I love marrying eastern and traditional wisdom philosophy and herbs, and creative original plant based meals to inspire and expand the possibility. I feel at home when creating meals it is a way to express my creativity. I love being deeply in experiments and letting my intuition lead in the kitchen.

I like working with food and herbs to adapt to life stressors, physical, emotional, environmental and spiritual. This could be a certain medicinal mushroom, tonic leaf or root tea. My own favourites are gynostemma and reishi. I also like astragalus for my immunity, he shou wu for deep nourishment, dong quai to balance my hormones etc. This is my goal and I feel at home working on wellness and educatin others about it too through my visions and aspirations.

I like to surround my family with non toxic materials food and non-food. It is very important to me to use products that are safe for us and the planet. Home is for replesnhing, rejuvenating, healing. It makes sense to be around toxic free in your space."

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