HOME Series - With Simon Toohey

HOME Series - With Simon Toohey

Simon Toohey - Chef. Restaurateur. Sustainability Advocate. Entrepreneur.

Welcome to our ‘HOME’ series a photographic series capturing personal reflections and the essence of home.

This series we spend time with Simon Toohey.

Spending time with Simon in his home revealed an ever charismatic man with a passion for food, family, sustainability and the impact we all have on Earth.

Chef. Restaurateur. Sustainability advocate. Entrepreneur. Simon wants to help us all reimagine the way we see food, vegetables, farming and sustainability as he holds a deep sense of respect for the Earth. It is hard not to be inspired by the Australian Masterchef Grand Finalist and Co-Founder of Sustainable Earth Network, especially whilst watching his fully plant-based cooking show, Freshly Picked.


At home is where Simon’s ideas are fuelled and nurtured by his beautiful partner Georgia and their fur baby Lentil, and … the best coffee we have ever tasted! Their love for each other and for the world around them is palpable and every corner of their home tells a story of adventure and discovery. It was an honour to be welcomed into Simon’s home and gain an insight into his life, his vision and hear about some incredibly exciting adventures he has mapped out for the year ahead.

"There are so few spaces in the world where my mind, body and soul can feel completely relaxed, feel safe and feel loved. Whether it is the stresses of work or as free as a holiday....

There is nothing quite like coming home and falling onto and into my bed, Breathe and it all feels like a beautiful hug. Un-judged and loved by my home unconditionally.” - Simon Toohey

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About the Author: Vinita (Founder) is passionate about an Earth Life Balance

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