6 Layering Essentials for Colder Nights

6 Layering Essentials for Colder Nights

Create Your Organic Winter Sanctuary

We have created the perfect products for layering your bed as the temperatures drop. Cold weather calls for layering up and staying warm but it can also herald the arrival of persistent dry flaky skin, over heating, eczema flare ups and over exposure and absorption of nasty chemicals and dyes.

At this time we need to ensure we stay hydrated, the skin should be moisturised with organic oils and organic creams as we look deeper into what we are layering our skin in. At night when we wish to curl up from the lingering dark sky in a bed that is warm, cosy and comfortable all night, the key is to dress the bed with extra layers of pure, breathable, natural organic fibers with natural dyes that allows the skin to breathe.

We have put together a simple checklist to help you layer - the key is to start from the bottom up!

Always start with a mattress protector that breathes. In all seasons, your mattress protector will keep your mattress clean and protect it against undue wear and staining. Regular airing and washing of the mattress protector will keep allergens, dust mites and irritants away making your bed a healthy place to sleep.

Pure organic cotton sateen feels sublimely soft on your skin and is an excellent choice for all seasons allowing you to embrace the cold nights with sumptuous comfort. If your body is craving something warmer, you will fall in love with our flannel range. We have created beautiful 100% Fairtrade organic cotton flannel bedding to keep you cocooned in the warmth of your home. Our fitted sheets come as separates for the sateen or are available in a sheet set for both sateen and flannel.

As the name suggests and as the name is intended, a flat sheet in the bed is superb for keeping warmth in. Given that organic cotton already breathes and does not allow for sweat build up from anything synthetic or toxic, the flat sheet acts as a magnificent insulating layer. In the cold winter nights and mornings, welcome the tucked in edges of the flat sheet that create the base of your cocoon. Again, organic sateen sheets work beautifully but switch to flannel for that extra warm layer. Our flat sheets come as separates for the sateen or are available in a sheet set for both sateen and flannel.

If you love your sheets too much and don't wish to change your combination, try the organic flannel quilt cover. Our flannel is a soft, warm and cosy fabric that is woven from thick yarns and brushed to give it its soft thickness. The velvety surface feels warm to touch and the beautiful unique weave traps the body heat to help you stay warm and cosy all night long. It is perfect for feeling supported, comforted and cosy and is also great for maintaining a warm temperature for your body naturally and being organic cotton, it still breathes with your skin allowing for effective air flow. Flannel is a delicious addition to your sanctuary and an indulgence that feels amazing wash after wash, season after season. And, if you so desire for a warm little nest in bed, use flannel sheets and flannel quilt cover the perfect combination for hibernation!

Your winter bed is designed for layering so add seasonal warm blankets for the perfect experience. Our organic cotton Waffle Blankets and Quilted Blankets are lightweight in nature and breathable so they work well on their own or layered for extra warmth. And what more, our blankets allow you to sleep in heavenly bliss as they are all plant derived with no animals involved.

The ultimate icing on the cake, a throw is the final layering piece to add to your warm bedroom sanctuary. Choose the texture that sings to you from our range of linen throws, waffle throws or our cable knit throw and wrap yourself snug in layers that breathe with you.

At Bhumi, we deeply respect the beauty of our Earth and endeavour to protect it through organic farming practices that promote healthy soils, healthy waterways, healthy workers and healthy products for your toxic free home sanctuary. We work to ensure that all of our range is created with the highest of organic certifications and ethically made in fair trade factories.

With all Bhumi products, you can be rest assured that no toxic chemicals are leaching into your bloodstream. Instead you are being cocooned in the most beautiful organic fabric with natural dyes that cause no harm to the Earth or you.

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About the Author: Vinita is the Founder of Bhumi Organic Cotton and passionate about an Earth Life Balance

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