Finding inspiration in the morning

Finding inspiration in the morning

What you do, think and feel in the morning sets the tone for your entire day, so it’s very important to get started on the right foot with the right frame of mind.

As hard as it is, we need to stop the immediate chatter that enters our brains when we are awake. Instead of having our first thought of the day run though the huge to-do list, or instead of reaching for the phone, or instead of just instinctively jumping out of bed in automatic pilot mode, what we really need to do is to stop the first urge of getting out of the bed and spend a few quiet moments of positive inspirational thinking that will ignite the soul and set the scene for our behaviour and actions for the rest of the day.

Here are my Top 7 favourite things to do to find inspiration in the morning:

1. Create your bedroom space into a sanctuary that inspires and uplifts you

Make the first things that you see remind you and reinforce you of the things that you love and are passionate about. This may be art, nature, plants, a picture wall of people or things that inspire you, a vision board of what sets your soul on fire… Look at these images and things in your sacred space and feel the energy of positivity, creation and inspiration bubble inside you. Take that feeling around with you all day to help remind you of the things that make you so happy to be alive.

2. Pause for a moment and reflect on what you are grateful for

Be thankful for the little things that are so important but things that we often forget.. Thank your eyes.. Your breath.. Your life.. Having shelter.. Having nourishing food.. Having water.. Breathing clean air.. Your loved ones.. Another chance.. Another way to do something.. Another way to see something.. Another way to understand something… Before getting out of bed, think of things that you are thankful for, embrace them and see the world and people in it with a new perspective.

3. Set an intention for your day

Intentions are the creative power and the starting point of every dream. Before you allow your mind and body to run the schedule for the busy day ahead of you, set an intention when your awareness is centered, quiet and not distracted; this is the point where absolutely anything is possible. Your intention is your call to action. Today I will treat myself with love and respect… Today I will live in the moment…Your intention is a powerful personal calling and after you set it, let it go and it will blossom when the moment is right.

4. Smile

Smile at the thought of being alive.. Smile at the possibilities that await you.. Smile at the mistakes you made yesterday.. There’s magic in your smile even when forced as smiles reduce stress and improve your mood. And if you carry this with you throughout your day, your magic smile will be contagious and make others feel positive and happy. “Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

5. Charge the vibration in the air with positive words

Say out loud positive affirmations.. I am alive.. I am beautiful.. I am pure.. I have got this.. I can make a difference.. Because with charged positive energy, you can charge a bright new day.

6. Turn on your favourite music and let your cells vibrate and dance

Music is the language of the soul and the magical medium that energises, inspires, heals, enchants and moves all living beings so turn up the volume.

7. And last but not least, treat yourself

Be it a beautiful new natural hand made soap in the morning shower, a berry smoothie for breakfast, a sweet treat with your coffee, an early morning yoga class, a walk detour in the park on your way to work, a visit to the florist before the rest of the day unfolds.. Whatever it is that makes you smile, treat yourself, make YOU feel happy, make YOU feel positive, make YOU feel loved and embrace a new day full of challenges, hopes and dreams as an empowered centred being. You deserve it.

Your time in the morning is a powerful inspirational time where you and the universe stop together and dance in your sacred space making moments for you to breathe, smile, reflect and be the beautiful soul that you are.

Note: This article was originally posted on the Two Six Magazine

About the Author: Vinita is the Founder of Bhumi Organic Cotton and passionate about an Earth Life Balance.

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