Our 5 Top Tips For Self Care At Home

Our 5 Top Tips For Self Care At Home

Simple Self Care Routines

Since the beginning of 2020 we have had many moments of feeling fear, loss, tension, chaos, loneliness, and feelings of being overwhelmed. Many of us are now wondering what normal was, what normal is and what normal will be. Life will always be filled with these moments in some way. What we need to do is find our inner calm, our anchor, our strength to hold us in these moments as they will always be there no matter where we try to go or run or sometimes even hide.

A beautiful soul once told me, 'at the centre of each storm take for example a cyclone there is calm, a vacuum of stillness. That is you. Find the calm in your centre.'

So now whether we are preparing to ease back into society, juggling the work life balance, navigating who we are, we need to try and do small things to help us come back to centre. Small self care rituals help keep us grounded, balanced and calm.

Our Top 5 Simple Tips For Self Care:

1. At Home Practice

Sometimes the only time one can do yoga or meditation is in the still of the night or before the birds wake. Our number one go to to shift energy and unwind is The Light Collective run by the divine Sian Pascale. Sian has created an online membership so you can access divine healing nurturing practices in the comfort of your own home at any time of the day or night. This offering has been such a blessing especially these last few months in moments of difficulty and emotional imbalance we highly recommend The Light Collective.

2. Kisses From The Sun

Turn your face to the sun - stand in the sunshine, close your eyes and allow the golden light to flood your eyelids then send it to the rest of your body. Deep breathe and consciously feel the golden healing energy of the sun filling your entire body. Connecting to the senses and experiencing how beautiful it feels to feel this warm glow transforms your energy, the touch on your skin and the depth of air in your lungs. Tuning into the transformative effects of energy and light in the environment around us creates positive healing.

3. Dry Skin Brushing

Dry skin brushing to help lymphatic flow, reduce inflammation and supercharge your immunity is a wonderful home self-care ritual. Before showering, start at the soles of the feet using upwards strokes, move up the legs, abdomen, arms and hands all towards the heart. A simple but vital self care ritual to help your lymphatic system.

4. Technology Free

Spend Time Disconnected. We are spending way too much time plugged in which is a dangerous place to be as time waits for no-one and life will pass us by. Technology is fantastic, incredibly powerful and is the future but we need to spend some time disconnecting so that we can connect to ourselves and each other more.

5. Hydrate your body

Hydrate your cells with water and fresh juices to detox your body. All of the cells in our body and our organs need water so it is important to stay hydrated and energised.

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About the Author: Vinita is the Founder of Bhumi Organic Cotton and passionate about an Earth Life Balance

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