5 Creative Ways To Reuse and Up-cycle Your Bhumi Bags

Reuse and Upcycle Your Bhumi Bags

The textile industry has a huge textile waste problem so we at Bhumi are very passionate about giving things new life to reduce the build up in landfill. In garment production alone there is enough waste produced to be able to create 6 billion garments from just scraps, off-cuts and leftovers. Most of this sadly goes straight to landfill. We want to change what we can control and what we can control is making a new long term product for life for the organic cotton offcuts we see.

Reuse and Upcycle Your Bhumi Bags

At Bhumi, we will always adapt and change processes and challenge the status quo by providing products that always benefit the Earth not harm Her or Her people. So at a product level in 2019 and beyond, we are moving to have not only our current Yoga & Activewear range come with individual off-cut bags but every single Bhumi product will soon come in its own bag which is made from organic cotton off-cut fabric. Instead of these off-cuts lying on the floor waiting to be collected and sent to landfill, we want to know and sleep easy at night knowing that this beautiful organic cotton fabric is no longer contributing to the global landfill crisis, but has a new life as a bag for you that is great storage for nuts, fruits and vegetables in the fridge and even your clothing items, socks & underwear.

Reuse and Upcycle Your Bhumi Bags

Our Top 5 creative suggestions to Reuse and Up-cycle your Bhumi Bags:

1. Say good bye to plastic bags and glad wrap and store your dry foods, fruits, vegetables in the pantry or fridge

2. A picnic essential to store your bread, cheese and crackers

3. Perfect storage to separate your wardrobe items especially your underwear and socks

4. The perfect library or book bag for little and big people

5. The ideal travel companion to store your shoes, socks and even your laundry whilst travelling

    Reuse and Upcycle Your Bhumi Bags

    We would love to hear and see how you use your bags! Send us an email at or post on Instagram with your creative uses for these beautiful off cut bags!

    Reuse and Upcycle Your Bhumi Bags

    About the Author: Vinita is the Founder of Bhumi Organic Cotton and passionate about an Earth Life Balance.

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