What are you really putting on your skin?

What are you really putting on your skin?

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. It is your first line of defense and its’ covering protects you as it holds you together. Your skin is known as the passageway to your bloodstream and research suggests as skin is porous it will absorb much of what you place on it. Did you know that your skin is most porous and absorbent when your skin is warm (like when you are cosy in bed or after a warm bath)? Did you know it only takes seconds for chemicals to start entering into your blood stream?

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That’s very alarming when you step back and look at the fact that your skin is covered in something every hour of every day. From sleeping, to putting on clothes, to having a bath, to applying cream and makeup, you are constantly putting something on your skin. But do you stop to ask what it is you are putting on your skin that is being absorbed so quickly into your bloodstream and bodies? You really need to.

Stop and take a look around you. Take a look at your sheets, your underwear, your towels, your clothes, your soap, your toothpaste, your moisturizer, your deodorant, your make up… you will find MOST of what you surround your skin in contain harmful ingredients such as harsh, toxic chemicals, colors, dyes and fragrances and it is these toxic substances that make their way into your body, your bloodstream and lymphatic system.

What is in what you put on your body is just as significant as what you put in your body. The sad fact is that the majority of mainstream products from textiles to body care products that you may be using contain a dangerous cocktail of carcinogenic chemicals, allergens, dyes and skin irritants.

Look through your products you use on your skin and ask about the ingredients. Are there alternative products you can use in place of products that contain these harmful chemicals? The good news is the answer is yes. To ensure products do not have toxic chemicals, dyes, preservatives, and fragrances that are harmful to your bodies, choose certified organic products. Ask retailers questions and know exactly what you are putting on and in your beautiful skin.

It is so important to ask questions, read labels and become empowered and educated about what you put on and in your body. Just like you feed your body with nourishing food you also need to feed and surround your skin with products that will heal, nurture and protect your largest organ.

What are you really putting on your skin?

About the Author: Vinita is the Founder of Bhumi Organic Cotton and passionate about an Earth Life Balance.

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