An Autumn Story

An Autumn Story

For centuries poets have written of the season's treasures, and with good reason. Autumn in Melbourne is especially wonderful. Traditionally it's a time of harvest, of a gathering in: preparation for the winter months ahead.

An Autumn Story

Autumn skies delight. At day's end, and in the mornings, skies glow warm with oranges and reds of pumpkin and hawthorn berry. Soft purple haze lights the horizon, the colour of dried artichoke blooms; memory of summer. Leaves drift earthward; gentle sound of crunching underfoot.

Days are warm. Afternoon coolness drifts in on soft light. Night falls: sky as black as glazed privet berry shine with lustre of the stars.

At the end of the day, we look homeward.

Gather in. Put on a kettle. Warm the pumpkin soup. Warmth of fireside. Warmth of friends. Warmth of family. Friendly and welcoming, candles light our windows.

We take a book from the shelf. Cover up with a beautiful wrap. Autumn is a time for reading. Read a story. Make a story. Remember stories from long ago. Our stories help us to know who we are. Real or imaginary, stories can enfold and inform us, they can nurture and carry us. An old chair. An old plant stand. Stories live in their time worn timbers.

In the remaining warmth of Autumn, be at home, create a sanctuary. Light your way.

An Autumn Story by Flower Bird

This month's window for Bhumi by Flower Bird has the following stories:

    • An old drover's kettle from the Flinders Ranges.
    • A handmade, homemade chair dating from the Depression era. A handmade plant stand from the same era.
    • Shiny hawthorn berries from a country laneway.
    • Sacred Bamboo from The Flower Bird Studio garden.
    • Dried Persimmon - a remnant of summer days.
    • Recycled wooden wine crates.
    • Recycled Japanese packaging boxes.
    • A Grandparent's flower basket.
    • Handmade vessels from India.
    • Recycled enamel jugs.
    • Silver mushrooming buckets.
    • Early Australian milk measuring can.
    • Bhumi organic cotton throw.
    • Dried artichoke flowers from last summer.
    • Old enamel candlestick, used before electricity came to Melbourne.
    • Beeswax candle.
    • Old flower book [from The Collingwood Technical School library, now home of Circus Oz.]
    • Golden Nugget pumpkins.
    • Black Privet Berry.
    • Rosehips, for tea.
    • Crepe Myrtle leaves and berries.
  • About the Author: Mary is the Creative Director and Designer at Flower Bird
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