10 Sustainable Ideas for a Green Christmas

10 Sustainable Ideas for a Green Christmas

Try These Ideas For An Amazing Green Christmas

The festive season heralds the feelings of love, joy, giving, family, friends and connection and it is an important time to recognise and transform our ideals, our intentions, our impact on the earth, ourselves and the world we live in. This year, even more so, we need to infuse into the festive celebrations simplicity, nature and the intention to connect with the Earth and humanity at large.

Here Are Our 10 Tips To Try This Holiday Season

1. Change The Way You Wrap

Use recycled biodegradable paper with vegetable inks, newspaper or even cut up unwanted fabrics of items that would end up in landfill like clothes, sheets, towels.

2. Research Before You Buy

Look at the "where" and "how" certain brands products are manufactured. Find out what impact and eco footprint brands have on the planet, choose items that preserve the earth and the people who make the product.

3. Limit The Packaging

To help our planet and our plastic crisis, look for products that have recyclable, re-usable or no packaging at all.

4. Gift A Life Moment

Give gifts that are a life experience to remember rather than a gift in hand.

5. Watch Your Gift Grow

Choose seeded gift cards that can go straight in the ground and become a new life rather than in the rubbish bin.

6. Support Small Businesses

This has been a hard year for many people, particularly for small businesses. Choose companies that have been affected by the initial bushfires we started the year with to tourism affected areas from COVID. Help each other and help spread love, compassion and the spirit of giving back.

7. Make Your Own Gifts "Handmade With Love"

Simplify things this year and make your own gifts from cookies to cakes. The thought behind the love of who made it is far reaching.

8. Give The Gift Of Life

Plant a tree in the garden or in a pot or perhaps even create space for a vegetable garden.

9. Go Solar

Look for decorations that are solar powered especially your Christmas lights.

10. Connect With Nature

This year take your loved ones out on a tradition you can keep forever. Take a walk on a nature trail, have a plastic free picnic, pick up rubbish on the beach, make a tree for the wild birds and animals with water, seed cones and enjoy watching nature close to you.

If we can inspire each other to make changes it may inspire more people to do so. Then if every household made small simple changes, it would have a big impact on our planet. Carry the green festive spirit in your heart and remember that giving, whether your gifts are tangible or of the soul, is always good and spreads love and joy; two fundamental elements for life.

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About the Author: Vinita is the Founder of Bhumi Organic Cotton and passionate about an Earth Life Balance

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