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What is happening with delivery timeframes recently?

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Around the world the entire global supply chain is in absolute chaos. With COVID restrictions and lockdowns, labour shortages, congested ports, stranded shipping boats and suspended international freight routes, there are huge delays and turmoil in the global logistic network. The impact of all the recent lockdowns has seen a surge in online orders and deliveries. This has seen the infrastructure struggling to cope with the backlog with temporary Australia Post facility closures and a large number of Australia Post staff in precautionary self-isolation in accordance with state regulations.


Our team at Bhumi is doing everything we can to work with these delays and constraints both internationally and domestically and we are working on new ways to alleviate the issues. We have pre-ordered our organic fabric moving forward and are working with our teams and factories in India to book transport ahead of schedule all the while keeping the health and well being of all personnel a priority.


Our Customer Service team is experiencing a higher demand than normal, leading to longer turnaround times - we appreciate your patience. We have tried to answer our most frequently asked questions here. If that doesn’t answer your questions, please feel free to reach out via email and we will endeavour to be in touch as soon as we can. As we work around the clock to overcome these new global challenges, we will ensure we keep our timelines and delivery schedules transparent and updated to you. Please refer to the delivery timelines for specific products below.


It is a new world and way of operation we are all facing, and we anticipate these issues to continue into 2022. It has been a challenging and overwhelming year for everyone on so many levels and our team at Bhumi cannot thank you enough for your understanding and patience in these strange times.


We wish you and your loved ones good health and safety, and we wish the same for all of our partners and teams globally.


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Current Delivery Timeline - All Bhumi Products

All Bhumi products are currently 'Ships Same or Next Day'.


This timeframe excludes Public Holidays and during any Bhumi promotions (which may add an extra 2-3 days to the departure date from Bhumi).

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